Jeffrey Donenfeld

About: Jeffrey Donenfeld grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Longing for adventure, he and his family spent many vacations in Colorado. Jeffrey went to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he took advantage of four years of hiking, biking and climbing. Upon graduation, he worked at a tech start up in New York City for 10 years. Fearing getting stuck at a desk job, Jeffrey quit his career and got a job in Antarctica. He then traveled the world for a year. He now lives back in Bolder, Colorado and consults adventure for a living – he works with travel startups, and other various groups to plan, execute and maintain field projects.

Kudos: Jeffrey has an adventurous soul and has traveled all over the world both for work and for fun. From Colorado to Antarctica to Iceland or New Zealand, he sure can’t stay in one place for too long. Currently, Jeffrey is re-deploying back to Antarctica to work at a remote field station. Following that, he will be traveling through Mongolia in the dead of winter via the Trans-Siberian railroad.

On the Socks: Jeffrey will be using Darn Tough Vermont products on his excursion to Antarctica. When he returns, he will have many stories to tell about how our socks stood up against the conditions.


Twitter: @Jeffzilla

Instagram: @Jeffzilla

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