Grayson Cobb

About: Grayson Cobb is a long-distance backpacker, ultra-marathon runner, kayaker and all-around adventurer from Richmond, VA. In high school and college, he was involved in many competitive sports, but needed an outlet from that. That is where is love of backpacking formed. In 2009, he attempted a winter thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, but abandoned in Virginia due to cold conditions and deep snow. This, however, awakened in him another new passion: solo expeditions. Grayson is currently training to complete the Appalachian Trail faster than anyone ever has.


Kudos: Grayson was awarded All-American for triathlon in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, he started competively sea kayaking, and in 2014 he became the first person to paddle a kayak from Key West to The Dry Tortugas, an open ocean crossing of over 70 miles. In the summer of 2014, Grayson competed the John Muir trail in just eight days.

Grayson 2

On the Socks: Grayson finds Darn Tough socks to be by far the best! He is always amazed they can handle every beating he puts them through. After seeing the durability and unmatched comfort of these socks, he knew they would be his go-to socks for all his trips. Since he depends so entirely on his feet being in healthy condition, Darn Tough socks enable him to cover long distances faster with more ease. To Grayson, Darn Tough socks are unmatched in comfort and durability and with all the styles, there’s a sock for every adventure.

Grayson 3


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