Eric Senseman

About: Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Eric is an ultrarunner now living in Flagstaff, Arizona. From the Cross Country and Track & Field Teams in college to placing within the top-10 in various marathons, he still strives to improve his longer distance running. He also has a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Eric is a journalist and avid traveler.

Kudos: Eric is a three time course-record holder as well as a five time 1st place finisher for ultramarathon distances. When he’s not running, Eric writes about it. He has over a dozen publications including and UltraRunning Magazine.

On the Socks: Darn Tough makes the most durable and comfortable running socks Eric has found on the market. Even the lightest cushioned socks keep his feet protected and warm in cool temperatures, while staying breathable in warmer temperatures. Eric uses DTV socks since they are truly all-season and last for many, many seasons!



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