Ben Koren

About: Ben grew up in Brookfield, Vermont. His parents were avid skiers, bikers and runners. He carved his first turns at Cochran’s before graduating to Mad River Glen. He frequents Millstone Hill’s network of mountain biking trails near Barre.

Looking for an adventure after leaving his job in business development for a Massachusetts-based clean energy company, Ben decided to bike from Colombia’s southernmost point safely reachable by road to its northernmost.

Ben 1

Kudos: Ben has thru-hiked Vermont’s Long Trail, ski raced in college, and completed several triathlons/duathlons. He’s long thought that he could have been a professional big mountain skier. Ben maintains that he is the best skier on the mountain and the fastest rider on the road.

Ben 2

On the Socks: After a miserable, blister-filled first week on the Long Trail in cotton socks, Ben made an emergency stop at Rutland’s Mountain Travelers Ski and Hike. There they recommended a pair of Darn Tough Nordic socks, which made all the difference; in wet conditions and in dry, his feet remained comfortable and blister-free, allowing for longer and much happier days on the trail. Those same socks remain with him several years later and, despite countless days of hiking, biking, skiing and salsa dancing, retain their place at the top of the drawer. He found out later that Darn Tough was based in Northfield – the next town over from his homework – and became a regular at the annual sock sale. He’s proud to represent a local product that is also the best in its class.


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