Review: Team Micro Crew Ultralight

By: Eric Senseman

Ultrarunners—those that run distances beyond the marathon—tend to run lots of miles on a variety of terrain. Indeed, ultramarathons—races beyond the marathon distance—are held in all different conditions: snow, ice, or rain; mud, dirt, road or rocks; mountains, hills, plains, or creeks. It’s our feet, as much as anything else, that feel the burden of these various elements most acutely. But whether running an easy three miles or a mountainous 100-mile race, it’s imperative to find socks that will keep your feet comfortable and supported. Are there socks that can continually withstand diverse conditions without wearing out? Do socks exist that can both keep feet warm in the winter yet let them breathe coolly in the summer? Darn Tough Vermont’s (DTV) Run/Bike line of socks fit the bill. In particular, I have found that the Team Micro Crew Ultralight sock is idle for long distance running on the trails. Here are the reasons why.

DTV 1701 - M. Run Team Micro Crew Ultralight (Black)

The Team Micro Crew Ultralight excels in three important areas: comfort, functionality, and durability.

Foot comfort during a training run or race is essential to success. If blisters or hotspots form, then running form alters, running pace diminishes, and general discomfort ensues, all of which negatively affect a run or race. Each of the DTV Run/Bike socks does exceedingly well in providing enough comfort and support for the foot without crowding the shoe or causing the aforementioned blisters or hotspots. The thickness of the sock is perhaps its most comfortable feature. As the thinnest sock in the DTV Run/Bike sock line, The Team Micro Crew Ultralight provides just the right amount of support without being too bulky and controls foot temperature perfectly.

Indeed, socks serve an important function for runners: in addition to keeping our feet in pristine condition, they are meant to keep our feet warm in cold temperatures but should not suffocate our feet in warm temperatures. Made of mostly wool, the Team Micro Crew Ultralight have the unique capacity to keep your feet warm in cold temperatures while allowing your feet to breathe and stay cool in warm temperatures. I train in Flagstaff, Arizona, where we experience extremes on each end of the temperature spectrum, and, amazingly, I have found that these socks perform optimally throughout the year. Nearly as important as temperature control, the Team Micro Crew Ultralight keeps debris and rock from coming into contact with your feet. Socks that sit below or at the ankle can prove inadequate on trails. However, the Team Micro Crew Ultralight serves as the perfect trail sock, since the sock sits several inches above the ankle, protecting your feet from trail debris.

Finally, these socks are as durable as they come. There is a reason that DTV offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee: these socks last, and they last throughout the seasons even with a great variety in conditions. There isn’t much more to say about the durability of DTV Run/Bike socks other than this: among the sock brands that I have worn, none have lasted half as long as DTV without a hole developing.

In Summation, among DTV’s outstanding variety of socks in the Run/Bike line, the Team Micro Crew Ultralight stands out as the ideal long distance trail sock. These socks last through the seasons without wearing out; they keep your feet supported and comfortable in all different environments and temperatures; and they keep your feet free of blisters, hotspots, and trail debris—a very important feature for a trail sock.

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