Review: Nordic Bjorn Sock

By: Ben Lustgarten

I am currently in Canmore, Alberta putting the new Darn Tough Nordic Bjorn Sock to the test with some on-snow ski training! I put in around 20 hours of skiing with only these socks last week and here is what I think of them!

 SkiRide Nordic Bjorn Sock

Comfort: These socks are very comfortable, no complaints at all. There are no hot spots on any part of my foot. My heels feel perfect even for a 3+ hour ski! The Bjorn sock is the cushioned version of the 2014-15 nordic ski sock that Darn Tough made this year. I like the cushioning for a few reasons. First is that it makes a snug fit in the nordic ski boot. With a bit of compressible cushion, the Bjorn sock makes the foot secure in the boot and not slide around at all. It is also nice to have the cushion on the bottom of the foot, because although nordic skiing does not involve a lot of pounding like running, there is a lot of pressure on the feet especially during longer over distance skis. Also, it is a bit warmer for the colder temperatures. The cushion is also nice for classic striding so that the bottom of the big toe and forefoot is cushioned when pushing the ski down into the snow and kicking back. So as a summary: no hot spots, cushioning for better fit and also increased warmth. It also seems that these socks will last longer than maybe the ultralight version. I have only had cold feet once when using Darn Tough socks and it was 40 degrees and raining hard and windy in a 65 mile road bike ride, the only thing to keep me warm would have been a space heater.

Fit: I am almost a perfect size US 10, EU 44, sometimes 43.5 with a slightly wider than normal foot. For Darn Tough that puts me on the edge of sizing between medium and large. I use a size large for all micro crew cushioned and ultralight socks, and I use a size large in the Bjorn and Sven socks. They fit perfectly! I pull the socks on and right as my toes reach the end the heel cup fits snugly and the sock wraps my foot very well. I feel no movement when skiing skate or classic, and they are not too tight.

Function: I find the Bjorn Nordic sock will be my go-to ski sock forever. I find no reason to use any other sock, because I do not think any other sock can beat the feel and function of Darn Tough. The merino wool keeps my feet warm and temperature-regulated, and warm when wet. To be honest I used the same pair of Bjorn socks for 4 workouts in a row (two days) and they did not smell, I just air-dried them after each workout and put them back on. Felt great! The fit my feet well and work for their purpose: to make your feet feel good when nordic skiing.

Conclusion: These are the best socks I have tried when nordic skiing! I’m excited to race and train with them this winter every time I go skiing! If you are deciding between brands, go with Darn Tough. They are made in Vermont, they are merino wool, and they have an unconditional lifetime warrantee, and they are amazingly comfortable socks! How can you beat that?

-Ben Lustgarten, SVSEF Gold Team

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