Boards and Bikes Bliss

By: Sasha Yakovleff

What’s the best part about riding a bike? I think it means different things for different folks- it could range from the wind whistling through your hair as your cruise down the street, to climbing up a hill working so hard the sweat pours into your eyes and makes you squint, or guinea-pigging a new line you just built, wondering if that sniper step-on/step-off you just finished will really work the way you want.

For me, one of the best parts of riding my bike is the places it takes me. I like to ride everything,everywhere, including some strange spots that are not normal to ride. Sometimes this means getting up at 5AM on a Sunday to hit a street spot while the security guards are sleeping, before they have a chance to kick you out for “grinding on your trick bike.” Sometimes this means putting a ladder in your truck and pulling over on the side of the interstate to session a fun-looking roof you happened to pass by on the way to Grandma’s house. Sometimes this means hiking up that hill you always wondered about, cutting down a few branches, and raking out a quick downhill run to session before anyone catches on. Why? Because it’s there, so go get it!


Photo by: Leif Trott

I recently rode my first natural fullpipe in a small town in Southwest Wyoming. I heard about this spot from a few friends but nobody really knew how to get there. I fired up good old Google maps and zoomed in on a few reservoirs until I found what I was looking for: an enormous overflow drain that emptied into the dry side of the dam, called “Hell hole.”

After coordinating with a filmer, healing from injuries, and waiting for the right weather window, we pulled the trigger on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. The spot was creepy and amazing at the same time. It was one of the tightest transitions I have ever ridden; every pump just got you higher and higher and faster and faster. I was blown away and now I’ve been hunting down every full pipe I can find, east or west.

Seeking my bliss means a few things to me; mainly riding my bike in amazing places and building weird features to create new spots to ride. There is always something new and exciting, you just have to sniff it out or build it yourself!

Originally posted on Seek Your Bliss.

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