Darn Tough (Mudder) Vermont Sock Giveaway!

Darn Tough Vermont was recently featured in Men’s Fitness in a slideshow about ‘What to Wear for Tough Mudder: Indestructible Gear for Mud Races.’

In honor of that, we want to know what the toughest thing you have ever done in a pair of your Darn Tough socks? Leave your answer in the comments section below and at 3 p.m. EST on Monday (1/21/13) we will pick one winner based on the most interesting response and will announce it right here. Please, nothing inappropriate; we make socks for the whole family! The winner receives one free pair of Darn Tough Vermont socks of their choice. Good luck!


And the winner is…


If your name is above, please send your shoe size, mailing address and what style of sock you would like to DarnTough@peoplemakinggood.com.

Thanks and have a great week!

18 thoughts on “Darn Tough (Mudder) Vermont Sock Giveaway!

  1. I wore Darn Tough socks in both of the Tough Mudders I ran in 2012. (Mount Snow, VT in May and Society Hill, SC in October)

  2. Be a dad. I have about a ten pairs of these socks, and each time I put one on, I feel a little extra bit of confidence in everything I do. Being a dad to a 9 and 14 year old, is the toughest thing I do. Thanks for the great socks!

  3. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in my Darn Tough socks. Through boot-sucking mud, torrential rain, standing water, rivers, creeks, dust, dirt. I started with another brand of socks combined with a liner, then switched to using just Darn Tough socks (no liners), and went from painful blisters, to blissful hiking every day!

  4. I wasn’t actually in my socks at the time….however, my dog ate my slippers completely beyond recognization and my Darn Tough socks were inside them. The dog was going thru separation anxiety and she chewed and chewed the socks. They were dog slobbered soakin’ wet and nasty but not a single hole in them or snag anywhere!!!!

  5. I wore Darn Toughs while working for the ATC as a ridge-runner educating hikers about Leave No Trace for two summers and liked the socks so much I wore them on my PCT thru-hike last year and will be wearing them this year on the Continantal Divide Trail.

  6. I was pacing a friend at the Western States 100 mile ultramarathon, when he started to complain about blisters 65 miles in. We literally stopped on the trail to trade socks, him getting my dry, cushioned 1/4ers and me getting stuck with his sopped Nike socks. I let him buy me a beer afterwards…

  7. Freezing cold goose hunt in North Dakota, says DH, he also wears them to work every day, and every hunting day…. yes there are alot of DT socks in our house. I wear mine to work, play, quilt and shop. Yes, we like our Darn Tough socks!

  8. I wore my Darn Tough socks through the 2012 World’s Toughest Mudder! They are the toughest and warmest socks I could ever ask for.

  9. Driving a school bus on a rural route in North Dakota during Feb. ’10. Temps -30 and blizzard conditions. Feet warm in Darn Toughs.

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