Checking in From Alaska

Gwenn Bogart checks in from Wasilla, Alaska with an update on her training and the lack of snow in some areas of the state.

“We finally got some snow. But, sadly the area where the Sheep Mountain 150 race is held did not. It looks like tomorrow it will be cancelled. Big bummer. However, it is not necessary for me as long as the other races do not get cancelled, I still can qualify this year. It is just a game of wait and see. In the mean time we are training our hearts out. Yesterday, we (Ray Redington Jr., Ben Harper and myself) traveled 60 miles across fresh powder, breaking trail in about a foot of snow. Awesome!”


This photos was taken by Gwenn as she crossed the Susitna Flats Game Refuge.

One thought on “Checking in From Alaska

  1. The toughest thing I have ever done in my Darn Toughs was last July when I ran my first Vermont 100 miler- completed in just over 25 hours. Actually I wore two pairs of Darn Toughs – one for the first 70 miles, and then a clean pair for the last 30. Only one blister after 100 miles! I’ll be running the VT 100 again this year, trying to ‘Buckle’ and you can be sure I’ll be wearing Darn Toughs again!

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