Build the Trail Mix and You Could Win!

It’s National Trail Mix Day! Are you a nut, raisin, m&m, or something more exotic, like an apricot? Maybe you did this as a kid at camp or in Scouts. If not, here’s your chance. Everyone brings a different trail mix ingredient to add to our Darn Tough blend. Then, we shake it all up today at 5 p.m. and dig into our creation. We’ll pull out two random ingredients/names and those people win a free pair of Darn Tough Vermont hiking socks!

Win a pair of hiking socks just in time for fall foliage hiking!

Leave a comment with your chosen ingredient here, on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll select 2 winners at random today, 8/31, at 5 p.m. EST.

Happy Trails!
And the winners are…

From Facebook: Adam Fournier

From WordPress: Zack Skull

From Twitter: Claude Stone (@claudegstone)

If your name is above, please send your shoe size and mailing address to

Thanks and have a great Labor Day Weekend!

13 thoughts on “Build the Trail Mix and You Could Win!

  1. Dried mini marshmallows! (like the ones found in hot chocolate packets) Always a good addition to a trail mix with chocolate.

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