A Tele Skier’s Summer: Riding the Brown Pow in PC

A few weeks ago myself (Weston D), Shaun Raskin, Steph Nitsche and Jay Burke set out to showcase all the riding that the Park City area has to offer. Recently Park City was awarded the world’s first Gold level status by the IMBA, and Dirt Rag Magazine wanted the scoop.  Steph was the writer and we had Ross Downard on hand to capture the images.

Just as we were exiting our “mud season” we started pedaling around every type of trail, jump and single track we have.  We only had a three-day window, so by no means did we hit it all, but we did get a hint of it all!

We started off with a big day of cross country, yo-yoing off of the classic Mid Mountain Trail, then we did a downhill/lift served morning at Deer Valley where we got to descend some classic’s such as Fire Swamp and Sunset.  The Canyons Bike Park opening day also coincided with our efforts and we got to scope out their redesigned trails Alley Cat and Flying Mouse- very fun.

The tour de Park City ended at one of our new additions to town, the Trailside Bike Park.  There we snapped some sunset pictures, hit some jumps and finished off a big few days in the dark with some cold beers.

-Weston D.

Riding among the Aspens on Park City’s famous Mid-Mountain Trail. (photo: http://www.rossdownard.com/)

Weston D, D for Downhill! (photo: http://www.rossdownard.com/)

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