Darn Tough Father’s Day Sock Sweepstakes

Dad’s rule here at Darn Tough Vermont. Our company was founded by the father-son duo of Marc and Ric Cabot, the second and third generation sock makers who we thank for making the greatest socks we’ve ever known. We get inspiration from Dads all over the world, like the father-daughter team of thru-hikers known as Balls and Sunshine. This Sunday, say thanks to your dear old dad for everything he has done. And even better, give him a fresh pair of Darn Tough Vermont socks.

Marc Cabot (Gen. 2) and Ric Cabot (Gen. 3) outside of their hosiery mill in Northfield, Vermont.

A gift for Dads from Darn Tough Vermont:

Leave us a comment here on our blog, tweet us, or say hey on our Facebook page. Tell us either what it means to be a dad, or thank your dad for something he’s done for you. We’ll pick one random comment and send them two free pairs of Darn Tough socks — one for son/daughter, and one for dad.

Check back here today, Friday June 15, at 5 p.m. to see who the winner is.

7 thoughts on “Darn Tough Father’s Day Sock Sweepstakes

  1. My dad taught me that certain things should never be scrimped on: garbage bags, motor oil, and socks. Go quality or you’ll regret it! Wise man. 🙂

  2. Thank you, dad, for always supporting me and my dreams and my wild, adventurous ideas.

    In October of 2000 when I asked my father what he thought about my upcoming thru-hike attempt on the AT (I started north from Springer Mountain October 17) he said, “My first instinct as your father would be to try and talk you out of it. But I know I would be wasting my breath. I know that once you’ve set your mind to do something, you’re going to do it. So, I admire you and I support you and I’ll help you in any way that I can.”

  3. I’m thankful that my father took me deep into the forest to explore when I was young. It has been the much needed respite from all the hustle and bustle of the world around us. I’ve started taking my kids outside to explore the adventures that live in the great outdoors.

  4. Thanks Dad for taking me camping, teaching me how to drive, how to multiply, and how not to do home repairs 😉

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