The Run Bum Attempts an Appalachian Trail Speed Record

Hello. I am Sean “Run Bum” Blanton. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. I am a city boy turned mountain goat. I used to travel around the world and then I started running. This lead to trail running. I began to test my limits. I have now combined my love of travel and love of running. I live to run mountains. I have had the good fortune to be able to run in the Himalayas, the Alps, Appalachians, Rockies, Hawaii, Alaska, British Columbia, all over the Caribbean, Tahiti, Samoa, and all over America from north to south and east to west. Wherever there are mountains and trails I will find them.

Red Top Rumble, 11.5 mile trail race in GA. I took 2nd.

I have run 70 + ultra marathons in the last 3 and a half years or so. I have won some races and finished last as well. It’s all about the experiences. I have been all over the world and met some awesome people. I tell people I run for fun and I may not win but I have the most fun.

My life is about adventure and doing what those say is impossible. No mountain goes on forever, all trails end, it always gets worse and your imagination can take you places you will never know unless you let it.

Right now I am fully dedicated to breaking the Appalachian Trail speed record which stands at 46 days and change. For the 2,181-mile trail that averages out to about 46 miles per day. My goal is 50+ miles per day. About 2 marathons a day on a trail that bites back. Countless climbs, rocks, roots and animals. I trust my feet to Darn Tough.

Training for the Appalachian Trail and doing the Appalachian Trail is hard to explain. I will sum it up as this. It’s like trying to put the square peg in the circle hole. It doesn’t fit so you get a hammer. You smash it down in there as hard as you can.

I really hope to be an inspiration to others to get out there and do something. Adventure is always around the corner. Never be afraid to venture!

Blood Mountain, Appalachian Trail, GA

I wake up every day with one goal in my head. How am I going to climb MY Mt. Everest today. Everyday is different. It could be speed training or 30 miles of mountain running. It’s my way of living the Darn Tough lifestyle.

-Run Bum

3 thoughts on “The Run Bum Attempts an Appalachian Trail Speed Record

  1. Did you do the AT? I can’t find any follow up information that you did. Would love to hear about it and learn about what you did for training. Running the AT is something that’s quite appealing to me and I’d love to try it someday. Were you supported on your hike? or self-supporting.

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