A Visit from Mitchell the Dinosaur and Kylie

We talk a lot about how great it is to be making socks here in Vermont at our family hosiery mill. The people we work with are second to none, the socks are made closer to where they’re sold and we make our socks ourselves — if you’re serious about making something, you make it yourself!

Kylie holding Mitchell the Dinosaur

But one of the things we often forget is just how nice it is to be here in Vermont, USA, where people can come visit us and check out what we do. We remember growing up as kids and taking field trips to factories and plants. Seeing the machinery was so cool! It’s getting harder and harder for kids to have these opportunities, since so many manufacturing plants have gone overseas.

Today at our mill we had the pleasure of meeting Mitchell the dinosaur and Kylie. Mitchell came to visit Vermont from a class in St Louis, MO.  He is visiting with a little girl, Kylie, who lives locally and loves our socks. She brought Mitchell by for a visit with the DTV customer service team.  Mitchell of course had to try on some socks to find out what all the buzz was about.  He liked them so much that he picked up some stickers for the class he will be going back to and a pair of socks for his owner, Carter, in St. Louis.

Mitchell trying on some Darn Tough kids socks.

Mitchell travels from his home to other places, taking pictures and writing about his trip along the way before he returns home.  Really a neat assignment for younger kids to teach them about other areas!

Thanks for visiting, Mitchell and Kylie. We’re glad we could show you around!

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