Women in Sport, by Kelly Ault

Last winter, 25 women came together to form Mountain Moxie around a broad mission to:

  • Learn about ourselves and our environment through the pursuit of sport;
  • Find camaraderie around and direct support for riding, training and racing;
  • Support women’s access to and participation in the sport of mountain biking; and,
  • Hone technical skills, race well and contribute to the greater mountain bike community.

This group of motivated women and their sponsors (including Darn Tough, Onion River Sports, Terry Bicycles, ISIS for Women, The Confluence – Green Mountain Crossfit and Osprey Packs) put together a web of support for women to pursue their passion for the sport of mountain biking and give back to their community at the same time.

Mountain Moxie

In the spring, team members participated in clinics to improve trail technique, mechanical skills, and confidence at Coyote Hill, the Catamount Outdoor Center (through Little Bella’s) and Sugarbush’s Adventure Center. From spring to fall, riders in blue Mountain Moxie jerseys had an impressive presence at local races (and on podiums) from Quebec’s XC Challenge to races at Catamount and Millstone, the Hampshire 100 and Vermont 50.

More importantly, these women juggled jobs and kids to play on the trail as much as possible, and extended their enthusiasm to women-friends, kids, colleagues, neighbors, and spouses. When not on their bike, many Mountain Moxies were serving on the Boards of trail clubs, wielding tools on work days or using riding to fundraise for local causes.

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