Delaware River from Source to Sea

With a paddle of the 460-mile Susquehanna River completed in November 2010, I went with the flow towards my big goal – canoe the five longest rivers in the Northeast – by running the 360-mile Delaware River this October.  Up and down tides, below 30,000-ton vessels, over whitewater, and across flatwater I traveled for nearly two weeks, wearing the same pair of Darn Tough Mountaineering socks every single day.  You can probably smell them from where you are.

What follows is a ten-photo chronology of the Delaware from source to sea.  Two rivers down, three to go.

-Erik Schlimmer

True start of the river atop Mount Jefferson in the Catskill Mountains

First twenty miles of the river are followed by a rail trail, tackled via mountain bike

First of a dozen campsites of the trip

Passing through Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Home for two weeks

Nearing Port Jervis, NY. The highest point in New Jersey is dead ahead

Putting in at low tide, in the rain, near Philadelphia

Where a 17-foot canoe feels awfully small

Interstate 295, the last of eighty bridges

Thankful to be on dry land. The end at Fort Mott State Park, NJ

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