Trekking for Charities, in the Himalayas

From September 30th to October 18th, Vermonter Christina DeRuzza and 7 other trekkers from the UK set out to ascend the Lunag Massif. Aside from being a life-changing expedition, their trip had a greater purpose — to help those less fortunate. Christina is raising money for two very important causes: Japanese Tsunami Relief and U.S. Tornado Relief. Thanks Christina for trekking with purpose! You make us proud to be your sock of choice! Christina wore our Micro-Crew Cushion Hiking Socks and our Women’s Lifestyle socks to keep her feet happy.

About the trek (in Christina’s words):
Informa gave me and seven of my colleagues an amazing opportunity to climb at extreme altitude (above 5,000 meters) in the Himalayas, as we trekked to Lunag (Nepal). We were part of an expedition to ascend the Lunag Massif with mountaineers Steve Holmes and Neil Philips. Unfortunately, due to warm weather the massif was too dangerous to ascend. However, all 8 of us successfully made it to Lunag basecamp! Another success is the team’s fundraising; we spent our summer and fall raising money for the Red Cross and Shelterbox.  To date the team has raised £19, 692, 82% to our goal of raising £24,000.  We are still fundraising.

To sponsor Christina, please visit:

Link to the Lunag Blog:

How did Darn Tough size up?
“These were the only socks I wore and I did not get any blisters or have any problems with my feet. Trips like this, can only be enjoyed with the right footwear.  Thanks for making such a good product.”

Trip Itinerary

Namche, on the Everest Trail

Christina, enjoying the morning in Ayre

Lunag rising above all as the team approaches base camp

Bouldering in Ayre

Our group in front of Everest

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