Darn Tough Celebrates the Grand Opening of the New Outdoor Gear Exchange

Burlington, Vermont’s beloved gear shop the Outdoor Gear Exchange (OGE) has a lot in common with Darn Tough Vermont. Like Darn Tough, they are a local, family owned business that has grown due to a loyal following of happy customers. They know how to treat their fans, and go out of their way to provide them with the best gear for enjoying the outdoors. Plus, Darn Tough’s Ric Cabot went to school with OGE co-owner Marc Sherman back when they were little grasshoppers. Yeah, their roots run deep.

Sixteen years ago when OGE first opened, Marc Sherman never imagined his humble little gear shop would grow to what is has become today. That’s what he said to the crowd that gathered for the Grand Opening celebration this morning in front of OGE’s new home on Church Street. Then, Sherman announced that OGE was the first locally owned business to occupy its new location in 97 years. The crowd went wild! Sherman wasn’t the only one that was proud of OGE’s accomplishments. Dozens of OGE staff gathered around, standing tall and proud. And they should. In just a few weeks, they transformed what was an Old Navy store into OGE’s new home, complete with hand-made wooden signs, reclaimed lumber and lots of friendly dogs.

Congratulating OGE on its new store and success was Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, along with Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss and Representative Ted Brady. Governor Shumlin cut the ribbon draped in front of OGE with a Black Diamond ice axe. After a brief safety lesson, the Governor swung the axe and the store was officially open!

Congratulations to OGE!

Stop by the new store at 37 Church Street the next time you’re in Burlington, Vermont.

Be sure to follow and friend OGE on their social networks for giveaways and other cool, outdoorsy stuff.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GearX

Twitter: http://twitter.com/OGEVT

Governor Shumlin hoists the "axed" ribbon with OGE co-owners Marc Sherman and Mike Donohue

Inside the new OGE store on Church Street. More than double the retail space of the prior location!

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