Meet the Tasty Trekkers

A few months back, we got an email from a guy named Landey. In a nutshell, he said he was going to walk the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa Trail with his two friends, Anders and Damienmarc. Why? The three young men were between school and entering the “real world” and wanted to do something BIG. And not just for themselves, but for charity, too. Their trek is raising money for two charities: Solar Light for Africa and WaterAid. They’ve set the goal to raise a total of $6,000, and are about 1/6 the way there. Check out their website and make a donation if their cause speaks to you: Tasty Trek.

So where do we come in? Well, naturally the guys needed some good socks for their voyage. We liked their cause and are happy to help them out. They will be checking in with us as often as possible to provide updates on their travels. Below is their first update from the Te Araroa Trail.

And So It Begins…

We have been in the jungle for the past 8 days. The Puketi forest trail has a stream section which we had been walking through for a day. (Anders and Damien had sandals but I had to walk in my boots). I tried walking without socks to avoid getting them wet but it was too painful so I slipped on my Darn Tough Full-Cushion Merino Wool Boot Socks and waded into the stream. After an hour of walking with sodden boots and socks my feet were still comfy and warm. Then we came to this stream which we had to swim across:

It was a lot of fun especially considering that my feet were warm and comfortable. To cut a uneventful afternoon of walking short, I had no blisters and my feet were clean and well protected (Since I was wearing boots and Anders and DM had no ankle support!). We made camp and dried out our equipment by the campfire. No surprises that the Darn Tough Socks were the first to dry and in the morning I had warm, dry, protected feet.

Setting out on 90-Mile Beach in the beginning of the trek was also a pleasure with such awesome socks… 0 blisters on day 1, 2 and I think even 3. All down to our choice of merino wool socks from DarnTough, I presume, since we all had different boots, some not yet broken in, and heavy packs.

Until next time,

Landey from Tasty Trek

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