Darn Tough Sock Theatre Contest

It was an amazing summer here in Vermont, and as the days grow colder and shorter we can’t help but reflect on all the fun adventures we had. We’ve come up with a contest that will let us share our summer adventures with each other, and give us all something entertaining to watch while we’re snuggled around crackling fires (as all Vermonters enjoy a good ol’ fire in the fall and winter).

Darn Tough Vermont presents the YouTube Sock Theatre Contest! Using socks and your own two hands, show us what you did this summer. Why would you do that? For one, it’s fun. And secondly, we’re giving away over $500 worth of prizes!

First Place — $280 Value —  (most video views): A 16 gig iPod nano (the new one with the touch screen!) with a $25 iTunes gift card from Small Dog Electronics. Plus, four pairs of Darn Tough Vermont socks!

Second Place — $180 Value — (second most views): One half gallon of of Grade A Pure Vermont Maple Syrup AND a Spiral Ham from Dakin Farm! Plus, four pairs of Darn Tough Vermont socks! Prepare to be the most popular person at Thanksgiving thanks to Dakin Farm.

Third Place (Judge’s Pick): Third place is up to the judges. Make them laugh, cry, take pity, or do all three and you could win. The prize is a mystery with a $50 value, plus four pairs of Darn Tough Vermont socks!

Rules, what rules?! We want to give you as much creative freedom as possible. But there are a few guidelines to help you win.

  • Deadline: Winners will be picked 2 weeks after the first 25 entries are submitted. We will announce the winners via email and on our Facebook page.
  • Darn Tough will review all videos before they are made public, so please keep it PG. Okay, PG13.
  • The video can be as short or as long as you want. Do what you think will win.
  • You are encouraged to use Darn Tough Vermont socks, but if you want to use your ratty old cherished pair from third grade, go for it. Luckily we can’t smell through video.
  • The funnier, the better! Do what you think will earn the most views, since that is what will win.

How to enter:

  • Create your sock theatre video. This can be done as cheaply (camera phone, web cam) or as extravagantly as you like.
  • Upload the video to your YouTube account. If you don’t have a YouTube account, you can make one in seconds at http://www.youtube.com.
  • On the Darn Tough Vermont YouTube channel page. scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Sock Theatre Group.
  • On the Sock Theatre Group page, click on the “Submit a Video” button. This will prompt you to add your video.
  • Once submitted, the video will go to Darn Tough for approval. It will be approved as long as it does not contain any offensive or indecent content.
  • After being approved, your video will show up on the Sock Theatre Group page for viewing.
  • Share your video with friends to increase your views, and your chance of winning!
  • Keep up with the contest by visiting the Darn Tough Facebook page and the Twitter page.

See the video below for more contest details. Good luck!

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