Musings from the Middle of Nowhere

Do you ever wonder how far the average person walks in a year? As a thru-hiker I certainly wouldn’t define myself as “average” in terms of how much I walk, or maybe even my sanity, but it’s a statistic that makes me curious.

Last year I walked 2178.3 miles on the Appalachian Trail plus all of my random day hikes and other activities that involve the traditional way of getting around. By the time I have finished the Pacific Crest Trail this year I will have walked 2,663 miles on it, plus another 150 or so from other trips this year. I’m tempted to walk another 200 miles somewhere else this year so I’ll break the 3,000 mile mark in one year. We’ll have to see about that, though.

I’ll be crossing the Oregon-Washington border tonight around 10 or 11 pm, leaving me around 500 miles to go.  Thoughts of more walking this year after I’m finished aren’t very well received by my body.  I think after this all I’m going to want to do is be lazy and enjoy my girlfriend’s cooking.

Red on black, friend of Jack!

Anyways, my question for you is this, if I can wear a total of six pairs (I carry three at a time) of Darn Tough Vermont socks for 2,663 miles, how long would six pairs last your “average” person (not including the fact that they have a lifetime warranty, of course)? I don’t even take very good care of my socks either. They go through hell and back on the trail with a washing usually being a drop of Dr. Bronners and a rinse and squeeze in a stream. Any non thru-hikers out there want to start wearing a pair everyday and maybe in a few years we will have ourselves an answer.

At the California-Oregon Border - mile 1,698.8

As to why I ponder such things, let’s just say that I have far to much time on my hands while walking ten or more hours a day.  My iPhone battery only lasts so long and once it dies my mind starts to wander towards the many mysteries of the world.

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