Have you seen this Darn Tough creemee lover?

Name: Unknown. Sources say it could be Sparky or Astro.

Location: Unknown. Possibly on the hiking trail, out cycling, rock climbing, skiing in the southern hemisphere or in a doghouse.

Appearance: Fluffy, white coat, credentials hanging from collar, long tail ….

Last Seen: Enjoying a creemee at the Darn Tough Vermont booth at the OR Summer Show, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Offense: Winning the votes (and hearts) of Darn Tough Vermont Facebook fans and not collecting his prize.

Reward: For your help tracking tracking down this pooch and his owner, Darn Tough will provide you with 1 pair of socks — your choice! And you win the satisfaction of helping this man take delivery of 13 new pairs of assorted Darn Tough Vermont premium socks (a.k.a. the last socks he’ll ever need, for life). He might even throw you a pair for helping track him down.

If you have any information about this dog and its owner, please contact Darn Tough Vermont immediately by commenting below!

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