Greetings from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show

Hey everyone,

Darn Tough filled a plane with socks and landed in Salt Lake City this past weekend. The occasion — talking socks at the Outdoor Retailer 2010 Summer Show. We’re especially excited to unveil our new socks from the Poppy Gall Design Studio and Seamless Sock Technology. We believe these two new offerings will radically change our product line and reflect our commitment to constantly pushing the envelope in the high-performance sock category.

Socks for hands! The next big thing in 2010! Kidding -- that's an inside-out seamless sock.

For a special “treat,” we set up a creemee machine in our booth at the show! Now show attendees from the world over can experience this Vermont delicacy while getting brain freeze from mind-blowing sock talk.

Darn Tough Vermont Socks .... that good.

We’re even hosting a creemee pulling contest! Contestants have from noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, August 4 to pull their best creemee. We will post pictures of the top creemees on our Facebook page tonight. Whoever receives the most “likes” by Tuesday, August 10th wins a baker’s dozen (13 pairs) of Darn Tough socks!!! That’s 13 lifetimes worth of socks (each pair has a lifetime warranty). Basically, a fresh start to one lucky person’s sock drawer. The Facebook winner will be announced next Tuesday, August 10th on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog. Plus, an additional 1 winner will be announced at the OR show tomorrow, to be selected by our Darn Tough Vermont creemee connoisseurs.

A Darn Tough piece of cake. Oxymoron much?

Life is tough here in Salt Lake City. Personalized desserts, all the creemees we can eat …  but, we’re already missing Vermont! There’s no place like home. We’ll be back soon with lots of great content to share!

-Darn Tough

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