Exploring Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area — Part II

Trip #2:

Ten miles of bushwhacking, 2.5 miles of trail hiking, and 3,500 feet of climbing took me to ten more features in Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area (my new hangout), Adirondack Forest Preserve, New York.

In to Cotters Pond, steep class-three scramble up Blue Hill, down to Pyramid Lake, around the shore to the trail, trail hike, then up Goose Pond Hill, over to Carey Hill, down Carey Hill and up Plank Bridge Hill, over to Wilson Hill where I found a cabin on the summit, hugging the private land/state land boundary. Wished I owned it!  Wished it had a cooler of cold refreshments next to the front door. Down Wilson Hill, up, across, and down an unnamed summit, across the trail, up Burnt Hill, down to Alder Creek (this is where I started to get really tired), up Sucker Hole Hill, then down, down, down, to the trail where it was a one-mile hike back to the trailhead.

The highlights of the day include seeing only two people, coming one pace away from stepping on a sleeping fawn, and finding possibly the biggest white ash I’ve ever seen: 35″ in diameter.

For both of these Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area hikes I wore the same pair of Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion socks and my feet felt good as new by the time I returned to the trailhead.

With 58 of the 119 features now visited, during the next trip I’ll be more than halfway done visiting each one. And then, it will be all downhill from there. Yeah, right.

–Erik Schlimmer

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