Glacier Camp Report 

I just finished the first of three week long glacier camps with Alaska Pacific University. APU has a training facility located on Eagle Glacier near Girdwood, Alaska. The glacier is groomed twice daily for morning and afternoon training sessions and is at 5500’ which does require much time to acclimate.

The objective of this camp was to ski as many kilometers as possible while still having the training be effective. I skied roughly 360k over the seven days we were there. The weather can be hit or miss for summer skiing but we lucked out with incredible weather for the majority of the camp. Most days I would skate in the morning and classic ski in the afternoon. The team had two interval sessions while we were there and I began to find my groove again by the end of the first interval set. The video below is of the final interval on the third day of the camp.

The camp ended with a less then ideal day of weather. Normally the entire camp hikes our way back to the valley (5000’ of vertical in 2 miles) but the new snow we received had not melted off the rocks and it was not safe to hike. Fortunately the clouds lifted and we were able to fly out by helicopter thanks to Alpine Air.

Right now I am in a recovery week to get ready for the next block of training which will end with another glacier camp in early July.

Peter Kling

On twitter: peter_kling

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