Some Darn Good Things Happening in VT This Weekend


Sailing and Skiing Iceland
WHEN: Friday, Feb 20 @ 7pm
WHERE: Sugarbush Resort – Gatehouse Lodge – Warren, VT
COST: FREE – $5 Raffle Tickets
A multi-media show featuring the backcountry skiing and sailing adventures of Vermont skiers and photographers, Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson, during a recent trip to Iceland’s northern mountains.
LOCAL SPONSORS: Sugarbush ResortClearwater SportsMad River Glen

Off Piste In The NorthEast
WHEN: Saturday, Feb 21 @ 7pm
WHERE: VT Ski Museum – Stowe, VT
COST: $5 Sugg. Admission – $5 Raffle proceeds to benefit the Green Mountain Club.
“Off Piste in the Northeast” is an ever-evolving, multi-media slideshow featuring the latest off-piste skiing adventures of Vermont skiers and photographers, Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson…including stories, photos and video footage from right here in the Green Mountains, as well as New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Maine’s Katahdin, New York’s Adirondacks and Quebec’s Gaspe.
LOCAL SPONSORS: Umiak Outfitters

The photographers’ project is an ongoing series of exhibits and slideshows designed with the intent of inspiring the public to both enjoy and protect the very places featured. Through their shows, Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson share stories and images from their backcountry skiing, paddling, backpacking and bicycle touring adventures throughout Vermont, the Arctic, the southern Andes, Europe and North America. Their series will feature 12-shows this winter 2008-09.
Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson / ph 802.989.0570 / email: /

#2 – Stowe Derby

WHEN: Saturday, Feb 21 Bright and Early
WHERE: Stowe Mountain Resort– Stowe, VT
COST: $35-$50 depending on the distance you choose
On February 22nd, 2009, participants will ski over 10 miles of challenging terrain, racing down Mt. Mansfield’s Toll Road (a beginner alpine ski trail) and along nearly the entire length of the Stowe Recreation Path before reaching the finish in the village. The course has a total vertical drop of over 3,000 feet. The winners will complete the course in under 40 minutes, while recreational skiers can take a couple of hours to go the same distance.

The Stowe Derby started in 1945 as a personal challenge between two amazing skiers – Austrian, Sepp Ruschp who was hired to come to America and head the new ski school at Stowe and Erling Strom, world famous mountaineer from Norway. The challenge was the same as it is today – A race from the top of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak to the historic village of Stowe. The catch……. only one pair of skis could be used. The combination of downhill and cross-country skiing was (and still is) considered the ultimate test of a skiers ability. Ruschp was the winner of the first Stowe Derby. Today, the race attracts as many as 1,000 competitors each year, ranging from Canadian Cross Country Ski Team members and NCAA Champions to recreational skiers looking for a thrill. While the race can be very competitive at all levels, it is also a fun race, having been chosen as one of the top sporting events in the state by readers of Vermont Sports Magazine.

There are four divisions – long course freestyle, long course classical, short course, and Derby Meister:
Short Course: Designed for kids ages 6 to 13 or those who prefer to avoid the rigors of a long and sustained descent. This race is approximately 6km. The course begins in a mass start at the Stowe Recreation Path Parking Lot at 9:00 A.M. next to the Alpenrose Motel and follows the final leg of the Long Course. Course subject to change.
Long Course Races: Ages 14 and up. 16 km course. We offer two separate divisions – skating and classical. The Skating race starts at 10 A.M. with five racers every 30 seconds. The Classical race starts at 12 NOON with the same starting format. The track will be set all the way to the finish line for classical racers. Computer timing stops at 2 P.M. If you are caught skating in the classical division you will be disqualified! If you are unsure of which course to sign up for, most likely you will want to enter the Skating (Freestyle) course. Please contact MMSC if you have further questions.
Derby Meister: EXPERTS ONLY! Derby Meister participants compete in back-to-back Skating and Classical races and are included in the individual Skating and Classical results in addition to Derby Meister results. Racers do not have to use the same pair of skis for the Classical and Skating races but must use the same pair to complete each of those individual races. The Derby Meister is for experts only and limited to the first 100 entrants

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