Pulling Them Up Down Under

On my last search for “darn tough in action” images I came across The Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs NSW Incorporated in Australia. For those of you scratching your head, “Bushwalking” simply means walking through the Australian bush. Other countries call it hiking, tramping, trailing, exploring….because they do not have Australian “bush“.

One thing is for sure, Australia has a wide range of climates and harsh environments (most of us are familiar with The Outback) that will challenge even the most experienced, modern day explorer.

Here’s what the confederation had to say about our socks:

“Darn Tough Vermont. The In-Country Series Hike-Trek Boot socks are in a class of their own, being wool, quite thick, and knitted far more finely than any other brand I have seen. I tested some for BackpackGearTest, (click here for his test) and was so impressed I bought some more from the factory in America with my own money! They are soft and last ‘for ever’ – surviving some real hammerings in the rivers of Wollemi and the ridges of the Wild Dogs. Yes, they are wool, but their knitting technology is way ahead of what most of the others use.”

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