Jay Peak Syrovatka Downhill Race

Ever take a high speed digger while ripping up the spring corn snow? It can feel like a belt sander and can leave some nasty burn marks.

This video is of Lars McGee (wannabe Vermonter and 2nd fastest skier of the day) as he gets scabbed up from his encounter with spring corn while going 80 mph at the 2008 Syrovatka Down Hill Race at Jay Peak.

Without hesitation, Lars was back at it again a couple of weeks ago for the 28th annual downhill, only to crash again ending up in the hospital. After a CAT scan and a little vicodin, his ego is the only thing still hurting.

I am still waiting for the video from this year’s crash and to hear if Lars has been banned from future races. And if I know Lars, he’s not going out like this and will be with another attempt  to redeem himself and if he stays upright, perhaps a metal. Now that’s tough.

The Annual Syrovatka downhill race is an open/citizens race, where skiers reach speeds over 80 mph on The Haynes at Jay Peak. A $500 cash prize is awarded to the fastest skier of the day. Other prizes are awarded in several different categories. An apres ski party follows with prizes to beneift the Leukemia Research Foundation.

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