from Peter Kling – Darn Tough Athlete

I am a relatively new Darn Tough athlete. My goals are to be on the United States Olympic Nordic ski team in the 2014 Games inSochi, Russia.

Currently I am living in Anchorage, Alaska where I am a full time student as well as a professional athlete. My roots began in Vermont and love staying in touch with Vermont with something I wear everyday.

Springtime in Alaska is one of the best times to be a skier: sun and lots of snow.

Aside from the copious amounts of school work that must be turned in before the end of the year my days are spent crust skiing high in the Chugach with my Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center (APUNSC) teammates.

Crust skiing comes at the end of the normal ski season which works out perfectly as a transition for the body between racing mode and embarking on a new training year. The warm sunny days melt the top most layer of the snow and the clear nights freeze that back up to provide one of the most incredible playgrounds for any outdoor enthusiast.

It is not too difficult to get up and go ski for a few hours when you know you can work on your tan and sneak in some corn snow turns on southern faces.

This summer I have an GIS internship with HDR. On top of this I will be continuing to ski train full time with APUNSC. The team will be fortunate enough to ski one week each month this summer on the Eagle Glacier.


Peter prefers to wear our Cushioned Merino Wool Nordic Boot Sock (model #1420)

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