Crag Vermont Awards 24K From Conservation Alliance

The non-profit group Crag Vermont, an organization working to secure public access to rock and ice climb throughout the state has just been awarded a $24,000 grant from the Conservation Alliance to help fund the aquisition of the Upper West Bolton Cliff Climbing Area (aka Resin Ridge).

The preservation project will permanently preserve this cliff for hiking and climbing.Upper West Bolton Cliff, is one of Vermont’s most popular and historic climbing areas. It features sport climbs, traditional climbs, ice climbs, an exceptional boulder field and routes ranging in difficulty from 5.2 to 5.12. With exceptional views, four-season hiking and stunning natural setting, it is truly an area for everyone.

Crag Vermont is also responsible for protecting the Lower Bolton Cliffs and the Bolton Quarry climbing areas. Among preserving access and conservation of Vermont’s climbing resources, Crag Vermont provides a community forum where local climbing enthusiasts can stay informed, and get involved.

This year, the Conservation Alliance raised $400,000 for 15 difference conservation project across the country and this is not the first year a Vermont based organization has received funding from them.

It’s worth keeping both Crag Vermont and The Conservation Alliance on your radar.

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