Darn Tough Vermonters win NEK Great Race

I try to get away to the North East Kingdom of Vermont as much as possible. Mountain Biking the Kingdom Trails, pitching a tent at the Burke Mountain Camp Ground, making turns through the birch glades at winter time is my idea of the perfect staycation. So, when I heard about the NEK Great Race, I though it would be a great way to know the community better and help raise money for a local charity.

On Saturday, the NEK Skating Club held the 2nd annual NEK Great Race. The event is similar to the popular television show Amazing Race, but all the events and challenges are done in one day. The Great Race started at 9 a.m. on Saturday at the Burke Town School and teams finished later in the afternoon at Lyndon Town School.

The race brought teams all around the NEK including the Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville, to Joe’s Pond and Fisher Field in Lyndonville. The maze proved to be a real turning point as some teams spent three hours at the maze.The first team to make their way out of the maze was Darn Tough Vermonters, who went on to win the Great Race.

“We are still learning but it was successful and we have learned a lot from last year to this year,” Krystal Ingalls, the event’s coordinator said. “We will do it again and hopefully for the better. But, all in all it was a big sucess and we’re already planning for next year.” Ingalls would add that next year they will try to limit challenges to 30 minutes or less.The winning team was comprised of Jennifer Ciarlo-Pacholek, Stephen Pacholek, Andy Linnevers [Darn Tough Vermont’s Marketing Director], and Carey Hengstenberg.

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