Memorial Day Sock Giveaway!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! This weekend means many things to many people. But first and foremost, it’s a remembrance of the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and for our freedoms. We can’t thank them enough. We all have a different way of celebrating this occasion each year: family barbecues, camping trips, fireworks, visiting a cemetery, running a marathon…

Tell us, what does Memorial Day weekend mean to you? How to you celebrate it?

Leave a comment on this blog post, or on our Facebook page.

We will pick two winners from the comments fields at random. Each winner will receive One (1) pair of Darn Tough’s new 3/4 Crew Ultra-Light Run/Bike socks!

On Tuesday, May 29 at 11 a.m. (EST) we will announce TWO WINNERS here on our blog.

Have a great holiday weekend!




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30 Responses to Memorial Day Sock Giveaway!

  1. Mary Ullman says:

    Darn Tough socks are awesome! Pick me!

  2. Mark Blakemore says:

    Wow! Pick me! Love your socks!

  3. Joshua Fleckenstein says:

    Toughest & most comfortable socks I have ever owned!

  4. winis says:

    I live in Sweden so we don’t celebrate Memorial day. Can’t get your socks here yet so please pick me so i can try them out.

  5. Zack Scull says:

    On Memorial Day, my family gets together for a cookout to celebrate my Aunt and Grandpa’s Birthdays. This year i bet they’ll all be wearing Darn Tough Socks. Got the whole family hooked on them! Happy Holiday!

  6. Michelle Boudreau says:

    i love your sock!! pick me! pick me!

  7. Will Cleland says:

    With family and friends.

  8. Tammy says:

    Wow! That would be awesome! Thanks!

  9. Tammy says:

    It sent before I got to add that we play outside and enjoy our family time!!

  10. luke says:

    Memorial day means bbq, watermelon and home made ice cream on the porch all while being thankful for the freedom we have that was paid for by millions of soldiers.

  11. Warren says:

    It’s a time for me to remember all my family members who served and have passed on as well as my military brothers and sister. I miss them. I was proud to serve next to so many that are not with us anymore. Semper Fi.

  12. Erik says:

    For the past four years, I’ve helped YMCA Camp Campbell put on our Annual Memorial Day Family Camp. We put on activities, have a BBQ, we have campfires in the traditional American fashion, and early in the morning on Sunday we remind the attending families of why we really celebrate Memorial Day. I also wear Darn Tough socks through the whole weekend. Just as I do every other day of the year.

  13. Mendi in STL says:

    For Memorial Day I always seek out the veterans with their poppies and contribute with a big smile and a “thank you!” Then fire up the grill and enjoy family time!

  14. best socks and great for bike riding while meat is in the smoker

  15. brendan says:

    Three day weekends are perfect for long trail runs finished off by some brew fueled carbon reloading. Good weather is always a bonus. Memorial day weekend just combines the best of everything!

  16. agentNERDY says:

    Memorial Day means appreciating veterans, and celebrating with family and friends the freedoms we’re lucky to have. agentnerdy at gmail dot com :)

  17. Love your socks! We usually go to a Memorial Day Parade in a neighboring town where my dad grew up. It’s a good chance to visit with friends and family that we don’t always have a chance to see. Once in a while, for one reason or another, we are in the parade, haha. It’s cheesy, but fun!

  18. Ben Simpson says:

    I wish I had found your socks when I was in the Army. Just found them last christmas, still in the process of switching all of my pairs over to DT! Love you guys!

  19. Darn Tough socks are solid!!!

  20. Terri Crane says:

    Last winter I introduced your socks to my father-in-law,(85 years young) and he loves them! He said they are the best socks he’s ever had! I plan on giving him more DT socks for Father’s day. Memorial day will be celebrated with family and friends.

  21. Matt says:

    The best socks out there and the only ones I wear whether it’s running, working in the OR or just lounging around the house.

  22. CarlaJZJ says:

    After living in the south, and finding out the history of our national holiday, I appreciate all that our veterans have given. Salutes to my father, my great uncles, my uncles, my father-in-law, my husband, my daughter-in-law and my sons.

  23. Bryan L. says:

    The start of summer and grilling season. Celebrate by camping and grilling.

  24. Madeline says:

    We have living veterans in our family so Memorial Day means a lot to us (thankful that they’re still alive!). We celebrate by having a picnic with our relatives.

  25. mermont84 says:

    great socks! To me memorial day is a chance to relax, see family and friends, enjoy the beginning of summer! But its really about appreciating our veterans

  26. Lisa Wolk says:

    Memorial Day means planting and yardwork at our new house!

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